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How far in advance should I book my session?

Sessions take time to plan and I book up quickly, so aim to book your session about 4 weeks in advance.

When can I see my photos?

3 weeks after your session, you’ll be invited back to my studio for your photo reveal, where I’ll unveil the standouts from your shoot. We’ll arrange your Professional Album Design & Print Consultation on the same day.

I have NO idea how to pose and feel I might be super awkward. Will you help me look good?

I’ve got your back! I’ll help pose you from head to toe, and it’s my job to find the best light and the angles that will make you feel amazing. All you’ll need to do is relax, and trust me!

 If I am not into nudity. Can I still have a shoot with you?

Absolutely! This is about what makes you feel beautiful and most like yourself. Once you book, I’ll work with you to plan for your session so that it reflects who you truly are. But just know that you do not need to get naked to have a photo shoot.

How long should I expect a session to be?

Plan for 3.5 hours total. Hair and makeup takes 1 hour, and the shoot itself is about 2 hours long, depending on how chatty we get :)

Can I have someone with me at my session?

As much as I know your friends must be awesome it’s best if they sit the session out (or book one for themselves!) Due to the nature of this type of session it can often take people some time to ease into things and the extra person there can make it a bit hard for you to relax (no matter how much you adore them!) You are very welcome to invite them to your photo reveal though!

Will you use my images on your website/blog/social media/portfolio?

Of course, as a photographer I love showing off my images to celebrate the photos I get to work with, but I take your comfort level and your privacy very seriously. At your reveal, we’ll go over your images and discuss your comfort level for sharing them. You will have the final say on which images, if any, will be shared.

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